Our strategic partner John Mauldin publishes a very interesting weekly newsletter where he offers not only his own views on current market action but also brings us other views by highly respected investment experts. We have been following John´s newsletter for the last 7 years and we thank him for his very accurate forecasting talent. He alerted us of the Sub-Prime contagion back in early 2006. We sincerely encourage our partners and clients to follow advice and read his newsletter on a regular basis.

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Absolute Return Partners, our London based business partner, publishes a very interesting monthly newsletter where they offer us a European perspective on general market developments as well as their deep knowledge and insights of the alternative investmentsindustries.


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The opinions, recommendations and/or advisory published in the Newsletter from John Mauldin are exclusively his responsibility. The recommendation that Enrique Fynn Capital S.A. gives in regards to the lecture of such material should not be interpreted as an acceptance of the opinions appeared in the Newsletter, nor as an invitation nor advisory to invest.